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The purplish spot on her naked neck where a fairytale vampire had feasted. —Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov  (via booradleyy)

When she was barely sixteen […] she learned to dance, and now and then went with the shopgirl to the “Paradise” dance hall where elderly men made her extremely frank proposals to the crash and whine of a jazz band. —“Laughter in the Dark" by Vladimir Nabokov (via lolitagegap)

Anonymous asked:

ya that's a spam bot ...

it wasn’t the only disturbing thing in my inbox I also got a dick picture from a so called “daddy dom” and another message from another man saying “I’d make an adorable little to be punished by daddy” and yeah I’m tired of this crap in general..

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Anonymous asked:

oh soo if a girl had a username like daddieslilgirl or something implying she likes ddlg you'd automatically hate her??

ummmm NO. I know lots of lovely amazing beautiful kind girls who are into that I don’t care, because they respect that I’m not into that and we get along just great! It’s people who send me uncomfortable inappropriate and uninvited messages not to mention STRAIGHT UP PORN who piss me off. 

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