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Wayward-child ...........................


Cuddle me and ask me if I’m comfortable and call me princess ok

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Anonymous asked: There is no question in my mind that you're a Faerie creature raised in our world. That's why Faerie calls to you -- it's your true home! I'm lucky to have you here for now, though. But someday when you do find your way back to Faerie, you will be sorely missed.


Well I hope I can go back soon honestly the human world is a mess, I want to live by a little stream and eat berries somewhere where it never snows and the cold never kills all the plants. I love Canada but it’s April and it snowed again I literally can not cope it’s horrendous! Also that got me thinking that when the bears wake up all hungry they won’t have any yummy berries and plants to eat! The majority of their diet is vegetation. And the deer must be starving too spring needs to come very soon!

Anonymous asked: You and lolidollyhaze for sure! Kayleigha for sure



Omijesus Kayleigha


That’s legit


could we possibly create a tag for nymphets who don’t want random old guys reblogging them onto porn blogs with sexual comments?

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